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This privacy policy discloses the practices for ARC Technologies to protect the privacy for users of its “Services”. From herein, the “Service” is defined as the user support services owned and operated by “Arc Technologies or

By submitting your information on our website constitutes acceptance of this privacy policy. may add or modify this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. Arc Technologies sells Antivirus, Antimalware, PC Optimizer, Lifetime Antivirus, Virus Removal and other security software’s!

Information We Collect and Use! is the sole owner of the information collected through the web site/phone/e-mail. We will not sell or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this policy.

Purpose of Gathering Information!

  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (personal information) or allows us to contact you. In order to use our services, the user must first complete the registration form. During registration the user is required to give user contact information (such as First and Last name, E-mail address, Postal address, Personal identifier etc.) solutions will use your contact details to contact you regarding the product and/or services you have requested. This includes re-registration/renewal notifications, special offers, and surveys on improving our service.
  • PAYMENT INFORMATION: If the user registers to use the service provided by we will collect credit card information, and other payment information necessary to complete a payment from user. may use a third-party to process and verify credit cards for billing purposes. This requires us to share user name, credit card number, expiration date and billing address with the credit card processing company. When processing a payment transaction will also obtain information regarding the amount of the payment and other transaction data. We may transfer or disclose this payment information to a third-party only to the extent necessary in order to complete the payment processing.
  • COMPUTER SYSTEM & INFORMATION: We may also ask for information related to your computer. This may include: information about the date of purchase of your computer, type of computer, identification number of your computer, make and model of your computer and/or any computer hardware, software or peripherals attached to it, condition of the computer, system and registry data about software installations and hardware configurations, and error tracking files. Generally, this information is required to provide personalized support and to help us update our support tools and enhance our supported products list. While requesting support we may request for the problem to be resolved by taking control of your computer. We use qualified tools which allows the user to grant control of the computer to an expert over the Internet, so that the expert can diagnose and correct problems. Experts are fully trained in utilizing system remotely and will not attempt to gain access to the user’s computer unless user has consented to grant control. In addition, experts will not use remote access tools to obtain confidential or sensitive information stored on user’s computer or network, deliberately or try to destroy any information on user’s computer or network, or cause user to experience system problems. Experts will diagnosis application that may collect a wide variety of useful information about the state of a computer system and the applications used on it. This information is packaged into a document containing all the essential details needed for providing solutions and is sent securely over the Internet to Arc Technologies solutions server or a third-party server appointed by us. Arc Technologies solutions analyses this information to help diagnose and solve end-user problems. Information collected by the Arc Technologies solutions application will not contain any sensitive information such as web sites visited, e-mail messages, e-mail addresses sent to, passwords, profiles, etc. Use of the Remote Access and diagnosis applications is subject to the terms of use in the respective software license agreements. Arc Technologies sells Antivirus, Antimalware, PC Optimizer, Lifetime Antivirus, Virus Removal and other security software’s!
  • COOKIES: A cookie is a message given to a web browser by a web server. The browser stores the message in a text file. The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and possibly prepare customized web pages for them. Use of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information while on our site and will not infringe on the privacy of our customers.
  • LOG FILES: We use IP addresses to analyse trends, administer the site, track user movement, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.
  • POLICY FOR CHILDREN: No part of our website is structured to attract anyone under the age of 18. Consistent with the Children’s Online privacy Protection Act, we do not collect or maintain information at our website from or sell products to those we actually know are under the age of 18. Please ask your parent or guardian to assist you in using our services if you are under the age of 18.


This web site takes every precaution to protect the information of the users. When the users submits any sensitive information via the website, user information is protected both online and offline. When our registration form asks the user to enter sensitive information (such as credit card number, billing address, phone number, email) the information is encrypted and is protected with the best of the encryption software. While on a secure page, such as our registration form, the lock icon on the bottom of web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes locked, as opposed to unlocked, or open, when user is just ‘surfing’. While we use encryption to protect sensitive information online, we also do everything in our power to protect user-information offline. All of our user’s information, not just the sensitive information mentioned above, is restricted in our offices. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, our billing clerk or a customer service representative) are granted access to personally identifiable information. Our employees use password-protected screen-savers when they leave their desk. When they return, they must re-enter their password to re-gain access to user information. Furthermore all employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Every quarter, as well as any time new policies are added, our employees are notified and/or reminded about the importance we place on privacy, and what they can do to ensure our customers’ information is protected. Finally, the servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment. In situations that are required by law, we may disclose some information about our users to law-enforcement officers.


  • Your order will be dispatched within 72 hours of the payment received.
  • Shipping/tracking details will be sent by email or via SMS once dispatched.
  • Should you need the product to be delivered to an alternative address other than address mentioned at the time of sales. Please call within 48hrs to our customer care on USA: +1-800-650-2659 | India: +91-889-888-1159 or e-mail us at
  • Shipping charges may be applicable.
  • Shipping charges are based on Quantity and Location



Arc Technologies solutions is an autonomous online re-seller for software and peripherals. We have expertise in handling issues with a huge array of products from third-party companies and brands. solutions holds no association or affiliation with any of these brands or third-party companies and solely provides support service for the product sold by Please contact the related third-party in case of queries regarding permitted use and specific warranties in concern to the software and peripherals. solutions bears no responsibility related to any third-party content made available related to the site and we do not cover the risk the user faces while using such third-party content, products and services.

Working with You to Protect Your Account Information:-

Business runs on information, and making sure your data is safe is absolutely critical. solutions is committed to helping you protect your account information and keeping your transactions secure. We are vigilant in proactively implementing processes that reduce the risk of fraud, and we’ll work with you to help you steer clear of problems. Account Number Protection at solutions, protecting your account information is very important to us. Arc Technologies sells Antivirus, Antimalware, PC Optimizer, Lifetime Antivirus, Virus Removal and other security software’s!

We are PCI DSS compliant when it comes to protecting consumers’ information. We use sophisticated measures to help safeguard your account number from unauthorized use solutions will also work with you to help investigate any shipping charge irregularities you encounter and take appropriate action, including the removal of incorrectly assigned charges. If you identify charges on your invoice that do not correspond to shipments you authorized, or if the charges correspond to shipments you authorized but look suspicious, please contact us at

If the questionable charges are associated with an air or ground shipping document, or if you do not use these documents, you can request that solutions take steps to restrict use of these documents with your account. If you would like to request this restriction, please contact your account manager at USA: +1-800-650-2659 | India: +91-889-888-1159 or e-mail us at

Online Protection

When you buy services online through solutions, enhanced authentication procedures allow us to confirm your identity. Additional layers of security have been implemented for securing the order.

Payment Card Protection

The website is encrypted with a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect account and payment card (for example, a debit or credit card) information. We match payment card information to the payment card billing address, and investigate any unauthorized charges that may be reported.

Identifying and Reducing Threats

We use sophisticated trend and data analysis to identify fraud. Our participation in a cyberspace fraud task force keeps us well-informed on the issues affecting the postal and shipping industry globally.

Site Validation

Arc Technologies solutions uses extended validation certificates to help customers protect their personal information when using browsers that support extended validation certificates will display our company’s name in the browser’s address bar. Depending on the browser type, the address bar may be shaded green or the company name may appear in green. This graphic display assures the user that has undergone additional validation and is the owner of this website. This will only be visible on secure pages on the website (address lines that begin with https.) Any browser that does not support extended validation certificates will continue to function, but it will not present this extended validation indicator. Arc Technologies sells Antivirus, Antimalware, PC Optimizer, Lifetime Antivirus, Virus Removal and other security software’s!

Examples of Extended Validation Certificates in Common Browsers

If the browser supports extended validation certificates, the address bar will display the company name, solutions IT, and some variation of green highlight in the address bar (Note: in the Safari browser, the company name is highlighted in green when your mouse hovers over the name).

Scam Prevention:

The modern world of technology provides online users the opportunity to visit websites, communicate with others and shop without the need to leave your computer. However, with the conveniences comes common sense concerns that we all need to be aware of. With the increased usage of online sources, have come threats such as identity theft, credit card fraud and other online fraud. However, with common sense, usage of online sources and preventive measures, you should be able to be safe online. solutions, being the next generation company, can prevent such things from happening by keeping their website secured through a SSL Certificate, Hacker Safe and maintaining their website on everyday basis.

Identity Theft:

One of the biggest threats of using online technology, including online shopping, is Identity Theft. Identity Theft occurs when an online visitor leaves personal information on a website. This can happen when shopping or signing up for a product or service. The information can include name, address, email address, date of birth and social security number. Depending on the information that is left on the website, criminals that illegally access the site can possibly use the information to assume your identity for loans, credit cards and other illegal uses. In order to overcome this problem solutions immediately emails an invoice to all their customers with complete details about our company so that the clients can contact us when required.

Credit Card Fraud:

With the increase in the amount of online shopping being done today, one of the biggest fraudulent concerns is credit card fraud. There are several ways that shoppers are at risk of being a victim of credit card fraud. They include sending information through insecure connections, sending information to fake websites, listing personal and credit card information on insecure forms and having credit card information stolen and compromised at the merchant’s servers. One way to protect yourself is to only use well-known websites for buying merchandise and ensure that if you are putting your personal financial information on a website, it is a secure connection. Since this is one of the biggest scams in today’s world what we would like to inform all our clients is that our website is secured by SSL Certificate, our website domain is registered under our company name, and our payment gateway is secured. Again, being the next generation company we provide all safety measures to all our clients so none of their information gets misused or incorrectly utilized under any circumstances.

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